David Peterka

When the Saints founder, David Peterka, with a hitchhiking chameleon.

A Missouri native, David Peterka, founded the non-profit organization “When The Saints” in November 2011. David’s passion is to bring awareness to the issues of extreme poverty and social injustices around the world, and to help teach churches the roles they can play to combat it. David is currently the Missions Director at his local church and is also a child advocate through Compassion International helping children find sponsors. Although David is in his late twenties, he has extensive “hands-on” experience and has been an advocate for social injustice issues for nearly a decade. In the fall of 2011 he graduated from St. Louis Christian College with a Christian Ministries degree and emphasised Intercultural and Urban missions.

David’s background includes widespread traveling and mission work throughout poverty stricken areas around the globe. All his travels are for research and first hand knowledge of the difficulties and challenges as well as the joy and contentment that poverty ironically brings.

June 2007 – Made his first international trip to Kenya with the organization, “Feed the Children” in, where he helped feed children, garden, and educate on horticulture.

Fall of 2007 and Spring of 2008 – Helped organize and lead a campus club on the grounds of Meremac Community College called the “Global Justice Project”. There were events such as a campus Fair Trade Market that raised $1800; a Dafur “die-in” where people actually laid on the concrete in the quad of the campus to bring awareness to the genocide in Dafur. Over 86 blankets were donated and shipped there with Bibles through “Voice of the Martyrs”.

July 2008 – Traveled to Mexico with his local youth group as an assistant leader while helping out in the local community.

March 2009 – In Guntar, India, taught the gospel to thousands of people, built wells, and worked in an orphanage in India. While in Calcutta, David did research on sex trafficking.

July 2009 – Traveled across Europe and through six Eastern African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, D.R. Congo, and Sudan for a total of 4 ½ months living on a $1.25 a day for food and water. The purpose of this trip was also to help film and produce a documentary by the name of “What Matters?

Four separate trips to Mexico March 2010 In Monterey, Mexico he helped a church with their vacation bible school materials. 2009 Crossed to boarder at Tijuana and spent some time at an orphanage. March 2007 – Visited Mexico with Amore Ministries where he helped build a house for a family in Juarez. June 2006 – Traveled to San Miguel, Mexico where he laid a foundation for a local church.

David is currently leading a self-developed small group curriculum in his home teaching how to biblically fight injustice and poverty. This will become the guide to help small churches find their role in defending those who are exploited.

He also feeds the homeless on a semi-regular basis in the streets of downtown St. Louis and has been doing this for over three years.

He is the assistant producer of a documentary called “What Matters?” which focuses on the average Americans role toward poverty around the world.

David is on staff at his local church, “Red Tree Community Church” as the Local Outreach Director.

In January of 2013 he had the privilege of traveling to Nicaragua to visit a home that promotes healing for girls who have been sexually abused. He was also able to lead a youth class on sexual purity.

David went through a 10 week missionary training program in Mozambique during the summer of 2013.

Also in the summer of 2013, David traveled to Cambodia for 3 weeks where he researched a few different ministries that had safe homes already established in order to learn everything he could in preparation of the WtS safe home.

In the fall of 2013, David got an opportunity to travel to a pastor conference in Haiti and lead a class on Sexual Purity.