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Impactful Kingdom Work

We launched our St. Louis based “Close to Home” tour! We have had 3 screenings so far and our goal is to screen the final version of our documentary 40 times in churches, homes and schools. If you have any connections to possible screening hosts please put us in touch or if you would like […]

We Are Blessed To Have You

Hello everyone! Essy here, It was such an honor for me to be able to finally attend one of these banquets I have always heard so much about! On behalf of When the Saints, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who came to the banquet this year. We had an amazing night […]

Men’s Outreach

We have been praying as a ministry over the timing and methodology of how to go about ministering to men, specifically perpetrators of sexual violence. We worship a Jesus that seeks out his worst enemies with the desire to soften their hearts through his forgiveness. Being created in this image, we are called to do the very same. […]


A little over two years ago a missionary friend of ours in Malawi drilled a well for us at cost. He did not have the most powerful equipment, but was able to make it 17 meters deep. He said it may not provide water in the 8-month dry season, but for us this was better […]

Breaking Ground

There has never been a time when I have been more excited about what is happening with When the Saints than right now. We have a fantastic growing staff and growing number of girls whose lives are being transformed at our site as they rest with the Holy Spirit. Here are a few big highlights over the […]

Can a man be God?

 Can a human be the God of the universe? To many it sounds quite ridiculous to think that a person could embody the fullness of the most powerful being in all creation.   The religious leaders in the day of Jesus also thought this was absurd. They even tried to kill Jesus on multiple occasions […]

How Are the Girls?

The girls were so excited to go home for a two-week Christmas break to see their families. We had a big meeting with all of the parents before they went home to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.   One of the girls in our home was telling us how she has become […]

A Big “Thank YOU!”

We would like to deeply thank everyone who attended the 6th annual When the Saints banquet. We were able to raise over $22,000. It has already started going toward things like a solar power system for the safe home and finishing the final version of our WtS documentary. If you were unable to attend you […]


Malawi is facing rains heavier then they have seen in a long time. These rains are wreaking havoc not only across the country, but also at the site of our safe home.  At our site 75% of our garden was been washed away after a small river made its way through part of our land. We have a security […]

A Song Unexpected

You step out of your house with your own arms hugging your waist. Uncertainties are haunting you like a thick fog. As you walk to the blue truck, you feel your heart rate accelerating; you feel the eyes of neighbors, the weight of their thoughts. In the wind you catch quiet whispers, abused sticking to […]