The Bridge Between

Here are a few things to keep you up to speed on.

  1. Melanie and Rachel left Malawi on Tuesday. There were definitely ups and downs as of course you can expect with any group half way around the world.  One of the big purposes of having them along for this trip is to work out the kinks of future teams coming. I definitely learned a whole lot and it was definitely wonderful to have both of them along for the ride.
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Say a Little Prayer

There are a few prayer requests I’d like to send your way.

  1. Today there is a big meeting that is going to happen. This is the last major deciding factor as to whether we will be able to officially begin construction or not. We are meeting with the District Commissioner of the Dowa region which is where Mponela is located. Everything must be approved through him. There is also an added process that he can make us do if he has doubts about it which is to make us meet with a group of other politicians and let them ask us tons of questions about the project in order to give their approval. If everything looks good to the DC though he can just approve it himself. This second step we are hoping to avoid would delay the project and be an added cost since we have to pay each of the politicians an allowance. Please pray that our meeting goes well and that the DC approves us.
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Leave a trail


It’s amazing how busy you can stay as you travel across a developing nation. From praying for the sick who asked for prayer to riding 45 minutes on the back of a bicycle to the village were we will sleep. With every step it has been a perfectly ordained trip. I will never stop being amazed with how things fall into place much better than I could have even begun to plan. Jesus is faithful. Jesus is sovereign. I am humbled. I am thankful. I am having a hard time feeling worthy of all of the things I see Him doing among us, but we will not get into that now. 🙂 Read more

Fast from here, Feast on Him

The WtS Malawi summer 2012 team is inviting you to pray with us over our trip. A few of us are entering into a fast for this week leading up to the trip. We would be honored if you would decide to join us in fasting a meal, a day, or a week. Please let us know if you are. Also please feel free to pick something in particular that you would like to pray over. Read more

A Whole Lotta Goodness

Hey guys,

It’s Megan from the When the Saints team. David asked me to step in and send out an update. There are some awesome things going on that I would love to let you know about. Get ready because it’s a lot. Read more

Trivia Night deets

Our trivia night is on for May 5th! The Silent Auction begins at 6:30 and Trivia begins at 7 pm. It will be held at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (the same location as the dessert banquet). 327 Woods Mill Rd. Manchester, Mo 63011.

The tickets are $15 before and $20 at the door. Read more

Hello From Malawi

As you may have guessed, there is so much that is happening. I will just have to go down the list.

First of all, the president was killed from a heart attack on Thursday. There has been fear that this could stir up a lot of issues with the cabinet of the president fighting the constitution by not allowing the vice president to take over. They would do this in fear of losing their power, but so far they have not been successful in their attempts. The vice president, Joyce Banda is scheduled to be sworn in this afternoon. Read more


It is a little overdue for a WtS update. Here are a few things that we wanted to let you know!

First, we’d like to thank everyone that was able to make a contribution in 2011. We sent out all the giving statements at the end of January. We trust that they were faultless when you received them since we didn’t hear back from you. Read more

Seeking Desperation

O my goodness,

It is a new year! How wonderful are fresh beginnings! It has been a little while since the last update. There is a reason for that. I graduated from college the Thursday before Christmas and decided that I would fully rest until after the New Year. I’m so glad that I did; it was a little difficult though. Isn’t it strange how resting can be difficult sometimes? Read more

Dessert Banquet Report by Dan Peterka

A report of “When The Saints” banquet last Sat. (When the Saints is a ministry established to rescue young girls forced into the sex slave trade and is starting in Malawi, south-eastern Africa).

I wanted to just give a little report of last Sat. night. Read more