And so it began

Side note: This magazine interviewed me and it complements the update well, please read.

People often ask me, “How did you chose Malawi?” I’m always tempted and if it weren’t so cheesy I would respond with, “no, no, no, Malawi… it chose me.” This is a part of the story behind how When the Saints got to the point where everything, apart from funds, is in place to be able to build a rehabilitation center for young girls who are forced into prostitution. Read more

I had a Dream

It’s not quite as epic as the one that Martin Luther King Jr. had, but it was still pretty powerful to me. :]

Here it goes. I was in this foreign land and had just crossed a boarder to enter in. The land was very baron and no one was around because it was very early in the morning.  As we continued to walk we started coming across people and entered into the first building we saw which was very run down. Read more