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Malawi is facing rains heavier then they have seen in a long time. These rains are wreaking havoc not only across the country, but also at the site of our safe home.  At our site 75% of our garden was been washed away after a small river made its way through part of our land. We have a security […]

A Song Unexpected

You step out of your house with your own arms hugging your waist. Uncertainties are haunting you like a thick fog. As you walk to the blue truck, you feel your heart rate accelerating; you feel the eyes of neighbors, the weight of their thoughts. In the wind you catch quiet whispers, abused sticking to […]

Expand Our Capacity

As we welcome new girls into our home, we are conscious of the 42-girl waiting list the police gave us. In the next few months, we hope to expand our capacity from 6 to 12 girls. We are trusting in the Spirit to lead us as we discern whom to accept. Even though 36 girls […]

The Good Portion Prayer & Worship Send-Off

When the Saints” & “The Good Portion” team up for a Prayer & Worship night @ Mid-Cities Church (6570 Manchester Rd., 63139) Next Wednesday, April 20th from 6:30 – 8:00pm “I’m so excited to be able to spend my last night with you before heading back to Africa!  Email updates are nice and all, but by far I prefer seeing your […]

Her Father Longs

After posting the story of the 5th girl that entered our home, we received a response from a When the Saints supporter that really moved me. I wanted to share what she wrote. “The story of this precious girl is…. heart wrenching… but more than that. Different than that. I see that smirk upon her face. Forced. […]

A New Year, A New Home

We have outrageously exciting news! After more than three years of faithful sowing and prayer, just before Christmas, the long-awaited day finally arrived and the vision we’ve all shared from the Lord became a reality. The first long term safe-home for teenage girls, who have been sexually abused, is now open in Malawi. While working […]

Mother of the House

We hosted an incredibly powerful prayer and worship night in the home last week and we would like to invite you to pray with us over a few things. Our selection of a housemother. We have asked a few people for recommendations and also went into some churches last Sunday asking for people who might […]

Freedom is Possible Banquet Total

What an amazing banquet we had. Yet again, the Spirit blew through the room in such a mighty way. He continues to be outrageously faithful. We have deep gratitude to those that attended. As a result of the night $24,756 was raised. The video of the whole banquet will be coming in our next update. […]

Praise and A Prayer

It is such an amazing honor to know we have friends who are committed to pray with us over this ministry. “You can tell how popular a church is by who comes on Sunday morning. You can tell how popular a pastor is by who comes Sunday night. But you can tell how popular Jesus is by who comes to the […]