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A Look to the Past & A Look Ahead

As we prepare for the opening of the girls home here in Malawi, there’s been a lot going on to get things ready.  From traveling to South Africa to purchase all the furniture needed to planting and expanding our garden which will help the home be totally self sustaining.  It’s been a busy few weeks. […]

In Your Eyes

Over the last few days there has been so much happening! This is such a refreshing change from the past month, which has been smooth, but at the same time very slow. Sometimes Jesus moves us forward very quickly, but other times He slows us way down. Many people find themselves wanting to continue moving quickly, […]

Tour: Mponela, Malawi

Here is the police station of Mponela. They have a Victim Support Unit we are developing a partnership. with This is what they call “Devil Street” here in Mponela. Where most of the bars are and where outreach takes place. Here’s one of three gas stations in Mponela. They let us get gas on credit […]

Worship & Send-Off

Friday, April 10th, 7 PM Mid-Cities Church 6750 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, 63139 Come join us for a night of Worship, song and prayer as David Peterka prepares to leave for a 4 month stay in Malawi. Also in our last update we mentioned being $270 away from our goal of doubling our monthly support. Our […]

Broken Victory March

Have you ever done a fast? What were you fasting for? Did you fast for a set number of days or did you fast until the accomplishment of a goal? On March 7th the WtS board gathered and discussed a number of things. We were walking through what will need to be accomplished before the […]

Who Should I Marry? My Relationship Rant

I have been hearing a lot about marriage lately, mostly from single people, since I am one and spend a lot of time with other single people. The topic seems to come up quite a bit when you are 27 and available. People have been giving me a hard time for the way I approach […]

“Close to Home” Nation Wide Tour

We’re planning a Tour Watch the trailer and Book a Screening Now! Big News! When the Saints is creating a feature length (60 min) documentary simply called “When the Saints”. It is about how the battle against sexual exploitation and human trafficking begins in each of our hearts. More Big News! We are taking this film on […]

The Board that is not Bored

Board Selfie, hehe We sent out our 2013 tax receipt/ Giving statements on Friday! Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have not received yours. Last Saturday we had a very important board meeting. In our last update we asked for your prayers in regards to the board. We want […]

Ebb and Flow

Would you please spend some time with Jesus over Malawi and our project? The government is going through incredibly difficult things and the political climate has become increasingly unstable. A money laundering scandal was discovered back in October. Nearly 300 Million dollars of governmental foreign aid had been stolen and currently 68 people have been […]