A Look to the Past & A Look Ahead

As we prepare for the opening of the girls home here in Malawi, there’s been a lot going on to get things ready.  From traveling to South Africa to purchase all the furniture needed to planting and expanding our garden which will help the home be totally self sustaining.  It’s been a busy few weeks.  To highlight some of the action, here’s what’s been happening!


11204865_969199139768366_8947445288111777299_nOver the past month or two we’ve seen:
-The bricklaying of a 900 meter fence completed.
-Construction of a store house/garage (minus the roofing).
-Sewing of the curtains.
-Installation of our front gate.
-Building of a guardhouse next to the gate (minus the roofing).
-Building a general store where we will sell the produce, chickens and general products, which will help generate income for the safe home expenses.
-Expansion of our garden.




Over the next week or two we hope to see:11053611_965160160172264_3343161196617853327_n
-Weld the iron bars on 24 panels at the front of our brick fence.
-Install the water tank on the tower and 7 water faucets in the garden and orchard.
-Install the curtains.
-Put the roof on the guardhouse, general store and storehouse.
-Build a chicken coop.
-Get approved for NGO international status in Malawi.






 We ask you to join us in prayer over these hopes. We would also like to share a tangible need with you. As some of you know, we recently rented a house that teams will stay in and where we will have discipleship meetings. The cost to rent and fully furnish this home was not part of our original fundraising. We would be honored if you would help us raise the $2,000 needed to do this!  To join us and help us reach our goal, please click here.

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