A Song Unexpected

You step out of your house with your own arms hugging your waist.
Uncertainties are haunting you like a thick fog.
As you walk to the blue truck, you feel your heart rate accelerating;
you feel the eyes of neighbors, the weight of their thoughts.
In the wind you catch quiet whispers, abused sticking to your body like wet clothes, difficult to pull off.
You see the dust arise with each footstep, concentrating on the tiny reddish dirt particles,
disappearing into the air.
A crowd begins to form and the strange workers, who assure you everything is alright,
push them back to open the door to the backseat.
You slip in noiselessly, arms still wrapped around your body. No sound escapes you.
Unfamiliar roads. New villages. Darting glances, you are a master of peripheral vision –
you size them up, evaluate. Can I trust?
More assurances. Suddenly a turn, a gate, a home.
The quiet hum shudders to a stop beneath your feet. You slip out of the car silently;
the sunlight wraps its warmth around you.
Voices. Hallelujah Amen, You are welcome! Hallelujah Amen, You have come!
Hallelujah Amen, You are welcome! Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Dancing. A celebration.
Your arms wrap tighter, eyes widen as you crane your neck, trying to see who these girls are singing for. Coming closer, their arms join yours as they embrace you.
It is for you… Singing, dancing, the invitation is yours.
Eyes meet eyes, and a shock runs through your veins.
Hallelujah Amen, You are welcome! Hallelujah Amen, You have come!
The lyrics exude a loving welcome; and you feel the cool breeze begin to dry your wet rags.
You memorize this moment, the breath inside your lungs, the clearness of the afternoon,
the way the song sank into your skin, penetrating each layer, soothing and awakening your heart.
The moment where abuse ends, and freedom begins.

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