Breaking Ground

There has never been a time when I have been more excited about what is happening with When the Saints than right now. We have a fantastic growing staff and growing number of girls whose lives are being transformed at our site as they rest with the Holy Spirit. Here are a few big highlights over the past couple of months.
Recently WtS was given a large donation, which has initiated the construction our first residential building. The girls are currently living in our administration building, but our desire has always been to get them into individual homes.
On the very morning I put together a rough sketch of the house where 8 girls could live I ran into an architect. She was working over her lunch break and on her way out I asked her if she would take a look at my sketch. After a few more interactions, our new friend believed that the Lord brought us together and she wants to draw all of our plans pro bono.
Since I have been home over the past few weeks Newman has been able to gather over 50,000 bricks? and all the sand needed for construction. Since we have the space, over the next few years we would like to build a total of seven homes.

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