Dessert Banquet Report by Dan Peterka

A report of “When The Saints” banquet last Sat. (When the Saints is a ministry established to rescue young girls forced into the sex slave trade and is starting in Malawi, south-eastern Africa).

I wanted to just give a little report of last Sat. night.

The figure of the amount raised was to this point $28,368.  However, several people said they could not attend but were going to be sending a donation.  I am pretty sure that we will go over the $30,000 David set.  When David first said that his goal was $30,000, I thought we will be lucky if we could get $10,000…..but I was humbled and my weak faith was shattered, (in other words, my faith is many levels stronger now).  In my 41 years of following Christ,  I have never observed anyone like David.  I am humbled that he is my son.  I have been amazed at how God is blessing this project and things have fallen into place.  I have full faith that this ministry will move forward with great blessings.  I have talked with David on his plans to secure the rest of the funds that will be needed and he has one.  I can see it happening and is within the grasp.  Will need to raise another $90,000.  It will happen.

I have to tell you also that David and I spoke with Emma Kaliya in Malawi last night at midnight (8:00am Malawi time) and told her of the news (she is director of the Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre and spokesman for gender rights in all of Africa). We told her to get a survey of the property so we might determine the exact size of the land and begin to plan a layout of the site and find an architect to start to develop a floor plan of the building.  Emma also said that the tribal chief may also be willing to grant more land if needed.  David has been gifted a piece of property of about 3 acres.

I have to say that Emma came across as kind of meek and mild mannered, and she is, but she is also a powerhouse and commands respect and gets things done.  There is probably no better person in all of Malawi to be behind this project.

I can see this project completed next year and told David that Gladys will need to be one of the first girls that we go to get and bring her to the safe home  (she is a 15 prostitute whose parents are dead. David met her and interviewed her in Malawi last summer).

Thank You and Glory to the Lord Jesus

dan peterka

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