Her Father Longs

After posting the story of the 5th girl that entered our home, we received a response from a When the Saints supporter that really moved me. I wanted to share what she wrote.

“The story of this precious girl is…. heart wrenching… but more than that. Different than that. I see that smirk upon her face. Forced. HER Father longs to hear her giggle more than you or I do. Her father longs to hear her laugh with joy more than you or I do. I know the pain in seeing such things, and hearing such things, but remember her Father loves her more.

A meek spirit is simply strength under control. His precious daughter has a voice he longs to hear. A song that is between her and her Father is unfolding. 

“It is for freedom that we have been set free”. Abba frees his daughter, all of his children, for them to dance with joy in his presence. Loving this girl from afar, friend. And thank you for loving her near.

Prayer for her step-father to be opened to the eyes of sonship. Of knowing who he is as a son of God. From there redemption will flow like a waterfall toppling into a single glass. 

Hope your heart is journeying a new story with the father through this girls story. The enemy seeks to destroy with a demented sort of ‘love’. The Father simply seeks to love.”


Meet Newman, he is our Home and Project Supervisor in Malawi. He is one of my best friends in the whole world (quite literally). Newman is loved by every one of the people we’ve been able to take on a trip to Malawi. He opens his home up to me to stay for months on end while I’m there. He is passionate, determined and has dedication that inspires.

One of my favorite memories of Newman happened about two years ago. We were driving and two guys were walking on the side of the road. He asked me, “David, when you look at those two men what do you think?” I replied, “I wonder where they are walking and how tired they must be.” He looked at me and replied, “There is a fire in me and it desires to know if those men are going to spend forever with Jesus.”

I’m so incredibly grateful that the Lord united Newman with When the Saints and that I get to glorify Jesus side by side with a man like him.  You can read Newman’s own story below.

My name is Newman Vansett Chavula.

I partnered with WtS since 2012, almost 4 years now.

Meeting David really was a miracle. Someone called me to tell me I was the one to help David in the Ministry he was about to start. After the meeting, God reminded me of the dream I had sometime back in 1997. My heart was happy to hear all that God showed David also.

WtS is the Ministry that God has aligned it with my calling. God has called me to stand on the word always and God has put a passion in my heart for a specific avenue of creative activity that will help to heal and discover the self-worth of people. Jesus decided to die for us all.

There is one thing that makes me feel humbled to work with WtS; and that is to see one soul of a girl who never thought of seeing a clear direction or salvation opening an eye, looking beyond all the evils she met, and deciding to go ahead after finding love from Jesus through WtS. WtS has changed the view that I had on the sexually abused girls. Now I can see their bright future coming. If we want people to see the real truth of the gospel, then love has to show its fruits.

One thing that I could tell people about WtS is that it carries the message of Love and it holds the future of many lives that are confused and disappointed with life. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. 

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