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We launched our St. Louis based “Close to Home” tour! We have had 3 screenings so far and our goal is to screen the final version of our documentary 40 times in churches, homes and schools. If you have any connections to possible screening hosts please put us in touch or if you would like to host a screening in your home contact us!

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Also, all are welcome to our next screening at 6:30 pm on March 9th at Mid-Cities Church (6570 Manchester Ave St. Louis, 63139)

Would you like to intern with WtS? There is a 3-month paid internship that is part time for someone who will help us organize this tour. Contact us if your interested.

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Hi! My name is Brandon Hughes and I had the privilege of traveling to Malawi with David recently and I’d like to tell you a little about it.

God Provides

The trip was marked by noticeable acts of God slowing us down to rely on him in deeper ways. Our first full day in Malawi we took a motorcycle ride to Lilongwe, an hour south of Mponela, where the ministry is located. Imagine two grown men on a dirt bike together riding through village after village and then, “pop!”, flat tire in the middle of nowhere! As we pulled over on the side of the road David instantly took this as a sign for us to rest and get into the word of God. Before leaving we had discussed getting into the book of James. And of course here was the first few verses we read! “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds.” Wow. God was testing our faith so we trust Him more. Before we knew it we had encouragement from a fellow believer that approached us, then the Father led us to a small shop that was able to fix our tire! This was so encouraging because God sent us the right connections and the right people to meet our needs in a place that seemed to have no way. Even in the most desolate places God will always provide if we seek Him and believe!


In addition to these divine encounters we had several outreaches to villages and girls working on the streets. One impactful encounter was with a young girl in her early teens who was prostituting herself. Our hearts were so broken that such a young girl was in this form of slavery. The Holy Spirit really moved on David to speak so much life and identity into her. She was so young and afraid and innocent. I believe and am confident that those words hit fertile soil and took root. We were blessed to be able to pray with her and I would encourage you to pray for freedom with us.

An amazing outreach that we had in one village was showing the film The Passion of the Christ to over 500 people! It was such a beautiful night. Over 200 people stepped forward to receive Christ! They were so hungry for God and His presence. Pray for the local pastors who were present at this meeting so they will be able to disciple these new believers!

The Girls

The part of the trip that impacted me most was When the Saints itself. We spent a lot of time with the girls that had been rescued from these horrible situations and the way that the staff ministered to them. You would have never known that they suffered such extreme abuse. The girls at the home were so full of life, joy and innocence. They would sing for us often, play games with us and listen intently as David and other staff would teach them the Word. It was as if the Holy Spirit made them a clean slate to completely and unashamedly receive His love in truly deep and life changing ways. I am so confident that these girls when they return to their communities will be game changers and radically impact the world for Christ. God through When the Saints is literally saving lives and bringing light to some of the darkest parts of the world.

The Men

I’d like to say that among all of our interactions and times of ministry in villages one thing that really stuck out to me was the men of this country. There were seemingly thousands of young men in their teens and twenties who seemed so lost. They had no purpose or vision for their lives. Almost as if abandoned to the vices and temptations of the world. Many would just be sitting in groups in trading centers playing pool or laying around all day and there are very few job opportunities. I believe that the devil has had his way with these young men and has used their idleness and lack of purpose to really hold them down. Satan knows if he can get the men of a generation spiritually enslaved then its a main way he can win the society. I would ask that you join me in a very intentional prayer that God would continue to raise up godly men who can snatch other men from the snares of the devil and bring them into a fruitful freedom with Christ!

The Staff

People were so curious to know what I would share about when I got home. My main answer is always about how amazing the staff at When the Saints are! I was blown away almost daily by the group of people God has surrounded this ministry with. There are guards, garden workers, a driver, an administrative assistant and others who love being a part of what God is doing in the lives of these girls! They have counselors that go into the villages and rescue girls out of horrible and hostile environments. These same counselors often stay at the home late into night counseling them in the healing of the Gospel. There are house mothers that take care of the girls in every way and train them up in life and skills. One house mother in particular is such a warrior for the Kingdom. She is an elderly woman who is small and meek but has such a powerful faith. She leads the girls in Bible study every night. She has them pair off and preach the gospel to each other and then has one girl preach to the whole group. Every night this happens! Not to mention she’s also starting her own church soon-What!


The last part of the ministry I want to highlight is the program director, Newman. We stayed at Newman’s house for the majority of the trip so I got to know him well. I’ve never met someone who lived by such faith. The testimonies and life he lives in dependence on God was shocking to me! For 8 years Newman was in various ministry positions and never once received a salary. He lived completely by faith. He told of multiple stories when they had nothing and God would bring daily provision to their door step. Often when this provision would come in Newman would pass it on to others who were in more need! What! I believe that God has really blessed that kind of faith and has allowed so much provision to pass through Newman to others. What things are we holding on to that God wants us to pass on to others for their benefit?

God has truly surrounded this man with favor. He is gifted in discernment, steadfastness and boldness. He has the perfect set of leadership and organizational skills to continually move the ministry forward together with David.

These are just a few of the things that impacted me about our trip to Africa and the ministry of When the Saints. As I write this I am truly in awe of how God connected me to a ministry that is doing such impactful Kingdom work. If you are struggling in your faith like I was before this trip, I would encourage you to truly cry out to the Lord and ask Him to set before you ways you can put your faith in action. You can even be involved more with WtS and what God is doing in Malawi. There is work to be done and God is looking for willing vessels. Thank you for everything you’ve done for this ministry. It would not be where it is without your support. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for it and how He will continue to prove Himself faithful though it!

Be blessed,

Brandon Hughes

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