In Your Eyes

Over the last few days there has been so much happening! This is such a refreshing change from the past month, which has been smooth, but at the same time very slow.

Sometimes Jesus moves us forward very quickly, but other times He slows us way down. Many people find themselves wanting to continue moving quickly, but end up trying to keep the pace by their own strength. This quickly can lead to what many call “burnout”. We forget that God moves through seasons and a rhythm of ebb and flow.

Have you ever heard that if you stare into someone’s eyes for no less than one minute, you will begin to inhale and exhale in unison? Here’s the problem- staring into someone’s eyes is usually outrageously awkward! Most of us are simply terrified to be known even just by a gaze. Likewise, we find ourselves losing sight of our Father’s eyes and end up all alone out ahead of Him.

As WtS we have a passionate desire to be so intimate with Jesus that we loose ourselves in His gaze and our breaths become one in the same. “Then Moses said, “If you [God] don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place.” -Exodus 33:15
“We gravitate toward the trite & trivial rather than the somber & grave. 
We pride ourselves on adornment & complexity rather than simplicity, often because many of us are trying desperately to Hide Our True Selves.” -Sacred Pathways

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