MEET THE BOARD: David Comstock

A note from WtS founder about David Comstock: David plays a very vital role on the board of When the Saints. He helps to line everything that we do up with Scripture and the heart of God. I can think of no better man to play this important position. He has taught me more about Jesus than any other human I know.

Name: David Comstock

How long have you been partnered with Wts? 2 Years

How did you get connected with Wts? David Peterka is a member of our church and a friend.

What’s your role with Wts? Spiritual Advisor

Why Wts? What about Wts do you feel most called to/ why? WtS is a tangible expression of God’s heart in the world. I feel most called to bring the gospel to the men who are sexually exploiting women. These are those who have been deemed beyond help by the world… But the gospel of grace has no boundaries.

What are you most excited about coming up related to Wts in 2015? The opening of the safe home and a discipleship home for men.

How has your partnership with Wts impacted your own personal heart/ gospel centered living approach? It has helped me to see that God, in His loving grace, has invited us to participate in His work of redemption. Our greatest joy is going to be found in the glory of God. We as His people have not been invited to watch others do the work of the ministry but to participate.

If you could tell/ get across to everyone on planet earth one thing about Wts, what would it be? WtS is not a charity doing good work to make the world a better place. WtS is a people who have tasted grace responding to God’s invitation to participate in His work of redemption in the world.

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