Men’s Outreach

We have been praying as a ministry over the timing and methodology of how to go about ministering to men, specifically perpetrators of sexual violence. We worship a Jesus that seeks out his worst enemies with the desire to soften their hearts through his forgiveness. Being created in this image, we are called to do the very same. We have 3 or 4 plans to go about seeing an end to sexual abuse through the freeing of men’s’ hearts and end the demand. As I mentioned, we are praying through direction and release of where the grace of God will lead us.
Recently Newman got an opportunity to tag along on a medical outreach in the local prison 20 minutes up the road from our safe home. 90% of the perpetrators of assault toward the girls in our home are in this prison. It can be difficult to get into a place like this as a ministry so this chance definitely got our attention. Newman did not know which specific men were involved with the cases related to the girls in our home, but he could clearly see that the living conditions of the prison were deplorable. Some of the men even had chigger burrows on their backsides that were so painfully infected it was unbearable for them to sit down.  
Newman was able to make a few connections and develop relationships not only with prisoners, but also with the staff. The ministry would love to have him join them on future trips as well. I’m not sure if this will ever be feasible, but how beautiful would it be for us to be able to sit down with perpetrators of sexual crimes and tell them about a Father who’s attention cannot be subverted even by our offenses.

With all of these new opportunities, we have a need for additional monthly supporters. If you don’t already, would you please prayerfully consider supporting us at this exciting time.  Also, if you know of any churches or individuals who might be interested in supporting When the Saints, please let David know.  He will be conducting meetings with potential donors while stateside.

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