Prayer Over Our Farm and Animals

prayerLast Monday at our staff meeting, Jane, one of our house mothers, recommended that our staff enter into a two day fast. Jane said that she felt led to pray specifically over our land/garden  and animals.

Over the past year or so we have lost a number of animals. Some of you may remember a while back when our cow fell into a small valley and suffocated. Then shortly after than one of our guard dogs found her way through a small hole on the metal bars of our fence and was hit by a car. More recently we’ve lost two cats to what we think were snake bites and a littler of puppies to cold rainy weather. Lastly the 25 chickens a friend donated over a year ago have slowly been picked off mostly by disease.

On Wednesday we did an hour long study on Fasting. Then on both Thursday and Friday we all fasted and spent hours in prayer together. It was really such a wonderful thing.


Good News
As of 1st December, we have hired a new Farm Manager. Her name is Chisomo, which means Grace in Chichewa. She has been expanding out garden and also preparing us for the raising of both chickens and rabbits! Due to her experience, her presence here at When the Saints will be a big boost to both our garden and animals produce!carrots

Lately we have been taking some wonderful steps toward sustainability as hopefully most of you
saw in our most recent email update. This prayer and fasting comes at a beautiful time as we were able to present When the Saints before our Lord. That he would take care of our land and all the animals that we will be acquiring.

This little letter is to request you to be apart of this prayer time. Would you be willing to join us in this time of prayer and fasting? We would be honored if you fasted for a day or two at some point this week or the next in solidarity with us. You can check out this fasting booklet to see which type of fasting you would like to undertake.

New Fundraising Idea

IMG_0870One last thing, we would like to invite you to pray over the new fundraising effort we are stepping into. We have been putting together a list of over a half dozen small and big projects we would love to accomplish before the end of the year. We are hoping and praying to start reaching out to a few churches/individuals with the hope that they might be interested in partnering with us to accomplish a project or two. Would you join us in praying over this endeavor?


Thank you everyone for being part of our WtS family.

Warm Regards, David

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