RECAP: Our Trip to South Africa

Thank you for your prayers. It seemed an impossible task to bring everything together for our trip to South Africa. I’m really thankful that what seems impossible never seems to hinder WtS from moving towards it. The deception of what this world claims should or shouldn’t be, is not the same reality which our faith allows us to believe in.

Miraculously, Newman got his passport in a week when most people must wait months. We were able to exchange our foreign currency and get our bus tickets the day before leaving! It was a whirlwind, but the committee decided that the better quality items we could buy at cheaper prices in South Africa would be worth the expenses to travel there and bring the things back. For various reasons, there was a small window of time in which we needed to make the trip rather than get lower quality items which would cost more here in Malawi.

Newman enjoyed his first trip out of Malawi with a number of first time experiences; the mall, mustard, chopsticks, escalators and a movie theatre. Chola’s brother lives in Johannesburg and drove us all over kingdom come as we did our shopping. In one of the most dangerous cities in the world he took great care of us! We hired a truck to drive all of our things back to Malawi and received them a few days after arriving ourselves. Everything is now safely in the house and it is beginning to feel more like a home than ever.

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