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Steps Towards Sustainability

You know that feeling you get when you relax in a clean house knowing that all laundry and dishes are done; or when you finish all assignments knowing that your teacher will be super proud of you; or when you realized you won’t pay rent anymore when you bought your 1st house!? This is the closest I can get to describing how we are feeling right now.

Sometimes we find ourselves wondering why it took us so long to do the following projects. Then we remember that God’s timing is always the best; that he has a plan for When the Saints and will execute his plan according to his own will. We just need to watch and marvel at how amazing his plans are!

Listed below are the main areas where we have been taking beautiful steps toward sustainability.

* Solar Power System in Dorms 1 and 2 *

Solar Power System

We now have a working solar energysystem in dorms 1 and 2 as of February 7th.  This solar system addition will also allow us to add more lights along our security fence for general lighting at night. This will not only light up our safe home, but it will also assist the guards in providing security for the girls effectively.

Previously we had one solar powersystem in our administration building and garage, but it was not powerful enough to light up the other buildings.

This new system will contribute to the reduction of our monthly electrical bill! How awesome is that!


* The Use of Rain and Well Water *

Rain water collection

February 7th was a big day! We also had our plumber, Goodson, finally switch our whole water system from city water to well water! We installed a booster pump to carry water from our well up to a 5,000 liter tank, which is now supplying our entire compound. This means that we will be able to entirely avoid the monthly water bill! Wooooot woooooot!

Chicken House

*Baby Chicks *

Our last project that we would like to highlight is the raising of chickens. We are expanding our number of chickens to  two to three hundred. Of course, we will be able to glean eggs and meat to both consume and sell in order to help run things here.

* Green housing it up *

Green House

We also took a cool step toward sustainability in our garden. Totally from scratch and without an instruction manual we were able to construct a green house. We are incredibly proud of it I might add. It was quite the project and it took a group of us to overcome the obstacles we faced while assembling it. This will give us a regulatedenvironment free from pests and excessive sun for us to grow seed starters. These will be transplanted into our ever-growing garden, which is enabling us to lower our grocery bill!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update. It’s our hope that as you follow When the Saints you’ll keep us in your prayers.

Before I forget, one simple and creative way to follow and contribute to our projects is to check out our Donor See profile and see what we have going on.

Once again, thank you all for your support. It means a lot to us.

Sincerely, Esther Peterka.




2 responses to “Steps Towards Sustainability”

  1. Charlie Marsh says:

    My wife and I just watched your documentary which ended by saying “Guess who got married?” but with no answer to that question. Please let us know, “Who got married?”

    May God continue to bless you all and what you are doing.

    • Hi Charlie, thanks for your question. Just after the question shows up on the screen there should have been three photos of my wife Essy and I on our wedding day. Also after that there should have been a small clip of the girls that were currently in the home after it opened. Did you see that? There may have been something wrong with the download process that interupted it. In what way did you watch the documentary?