The Story Behind the Transformer

It is rare, but sometimes the government will give a transformer to a community project like ours if it will also benefit the surrounding villages. A transformer takes electricity from one voltage and changes it into usable voltage. However, when the flooding happened down south a few months ago, government resources were redirected. We lost hope of getting a transformer donated.

We began the normal process and got an estimate for over $12,000. Not having that much in our budget we decided to wait and pray through what to do. A week later Newman was awakened at 3 A.M. with the feeling that the quotation was wrong. We looked more closely and found out they had entered 600 meters of wire instead of only 60.

The next day we went to the office to have them double check it. Even though it was wrong on the paper the total amount was actually correct. Newman was confused why he had felt the Spirit prompt him to go back to the office.

As we were leaving, the person behind the desk said there was one other thing we could try. “Write a letter to the main office telling them you are a ministry and that the transformer will benefit the surrounding communities. Who knows, they might show you favor.” A few days after sending in the letter we found out they decided to reduce the price by more than half! How incredibly humbling to watch the way Jesus is orchestrating all of this together.

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