A little over two years ago a missionary friend of ours in Malawi drilled a well for us at cost. He did not have the most powerful equipment, but was able to make it 17 meters deep. He said it may not provide water in the 8-month dry season, but for us this was better than nothing and better than spending $3,000 on a deep one. We quickly found out that it did not produce the water output that we needed for the home, garden and orchard. We started looking for another company that had a machine to break the water table which is usually at 35 meters. This would provide us with all the water we would need all year around.

We found three different companies that were well over $3,000, which was still just a little more than we were hoping or even able to spend. We decided to wait a week or two to prayed for the Lord’s direction. Just a week later I was in contact with one of my best friends in Malawi. One of the first connections I made in Malawi back in 2011, Chipi considers me part of his family. I have taken every team that has come to Malawi out to stay a night in his village. Shortly after getting together, Chipi starts telling me his friend drilled a well in his village for about $2,400. This friend directed a ministry and the profits from the wells go toward caring for vulnerable children and getting Bibles in the hand of villagers!
Immediately Chipi called his friend who told us they have jobs lined up all over the country and will be traveling to the north in the next day or two. It looked like it could be weeks before they would be able to drill for us when all of a sudden he said that their machine had a problem and is delayed in Mponela right now! Within two days it was running and they decided to delay their trip up north in order to drill our well! Our Lord is a provider.
Our safe home now has both city water and electricity as well as a sustainable form of water and electricity. In this way we are completely self-sustainable for when there are electrical outages and water shortages.

 “When you love your enemies, you reveal what kind of God our God is.”  Project Inspire

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