We have built the 1st Dorm House! Over the next 2 years we would like to build 5 more. Each additional Dorm House we will allow us to hold 12 more girls. 

Take a look at the items needed and see if you can donate a specific amount that will allow us to purchase what we need. Donate Below.

  1. Dorm House Expenses
1 63,000 Bricks/ Transport/ Labor and PVC Pipes $984.72
2 200 Bags of Cement/ Lime/ Air Vents $1,872.22
3 Timber $1,659.72
4 Iron Sheets/ Ridges/ Nails + Labour $1,507.88
5 26 Trips of Sand/ Labor/ Transport $777.78
6 Quarry Stones/ Transport/ Labor $465.28
7 Contractor Payment $833.33
8 Plumbing Materials + Labor $720
9 Window Frames $613.89
10 Ceiling Board, Ceiling Nails, Labor $553.24
11 Electrical Items + Labor $513.06
12 Tiles, Cleaner + Labor $748.61
13 Cornice, Adhesive, Labour + Door Fixing $362.50
14 Door Frames $172.22
15 Y12 Bars + Nails $155.83
16 Doors $216.67
17 Paint, Turpentine + Labor $967.71
18 Hardware Items $210.69
19 Brick Force Wire $125.39
20 Waterway Labor $131.94
21 Red Oxide $56.46
22 Window Locks + Ream Lock $61.81
23 Glass + Fittings $333.33
24 Wheel Borrow $51.39
25 Food + Fuel for Architect $48.61
26 Chlorine + Shield Sheen X-Treme $29.86
27 2 Shovels $16.39
28 Black Plastic $13.19
29 Solignum $26.38
30 2 Tins for Plastering + Cups $11.11
31 Galvanized Wire $10
32 DPC Paper $6.94
33 Plumber Transport $4.16

Total is = $14,427 dollars

We believe that it can be easy to fall into the temptation of exploiting the very people we seek to help in the process of raising support. We choose not to glorify tragedy and manipulate emotions in order to increase donations; because using a girl’s story of anguish in attempts to tug on heartstrings would simply be prostituting hearts rather than bodies. Our hope is not in money, but in Jesus. We don’t need more money. We just need more of Him. It is not our goal to get donations, look successful or be well known. We just want to bring our Savior glory as we spend ourselves on behalf of the oppressed (Isaiah 58:10). 

We also believe that one of the greatest joys of the church is the opportunity to individually participate in what God is doing among us. It may not be feasible for every believer to become an overseas mission-worker, but we strongly believe that it is essential for all believers to be missional! One way this becomes a reality is through giving. The giving of our time, giving of our resources, and giving of our money ties our hearts to the work we see in the Body of Christ. It’s an incredibly practical way to say “I believe our God is bringing His Kingdom to earth through this specific area of ministry, and I want to be a part of that!”

Ask Jesus to lead you in how to participate in the work that is being done through When the Saints!

When the Saints is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible.