Do you feel a call to be on mission? Would you like to join When the Saints in a short-term trip?

Some of the things you’ll participate in:

  • A work project such as: gardening, construction, etc.
  • Show the Jesus film to local villages.
  • Staying in a village at least one night.
  • Minister to local men/women & introduce them to the gospel of Jesus.
  • Prayer walks
  • Leading worship in the market
  • Visiting another ministry’s orphanages
  • A touristy thing or two
  • Team decompression and processing times
  • Bring glory to the name of Jesus.

And also:

  • Interact with someone from another culture in their context.
  • Try new things that will hopefully make us uncomfortable and grow in our faith.
  • Visit local villages, the market and maybe even the beach.
  • Grow together as a team and make new friends.

*The greatest mission of our trip is to fall in love with the heart of Jesus.

Typical on the ground time in Malawi is at least 10 days with another 2 days of travel time.

Everyone has something to learn and can have their faith stretched!  If Jesus is moving in your heart…