Lay your heart bare and pray for those affected by sexual exploitation, that this injustice be eliminated from Malawi.

We’ve assembled prayer points in order to create a united voice:

  • Please pray with those in Malawi and America whom God is calling to the ministry of When the Saints. Pray for clarity, obedience, faith and that they would fall more in love with Jesus with every step.
  • Pray that local Malawian churches would be receptive to the vision and truly own it.
  • Contend for girls who are currently being sexually abused in Malawi. Pray their hearts would be sustained by the supernatural love of Jesus and that their hope would not grow cold.
  • Pray that God would continue to use When the Saints to usher His kingdom in to this world. Pray that we would only continue to move at His every whisper and nothing more.
  • Consider the men who are actively abusing young girls. These men are no less enslaved than the very girls they abuse and are in equal need of the rescuing of Jesus.
  • Pray for the complete healing and freedom  of every consequence of sexual sin… not only for those who have been exploited, but also for those who exploit.
  • Pray that Jesus would open up your eye to the reality that ending sexual abuse in the world must begin inside your own heart!